Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Appledore 2009

Just had a tremendous 3 days in Appledore with Spoilt Rotten, Miss Bossy and Mr Monster (who are all still there). It was my Birthday and we did all the things you do in Appledore, crabbing, fishing, kite flying, sitting in the sun at 'the Tip', building sandcastles... and a little bit of drinking.

Sadly I did not get a picture of Ken barbecuing the two, three-pound trout that fell for Penny's expertly cast flies. Substituted lawn croquet for beach cricket this year - still not prepared to under estimate the importance of a bit of beach cricket whilst catching a 'late ray' - but there was just not time.

My Birthday cake was a monster courtesy of Penny and Spoilt Rotten.

There has been a bit of theme doing my birthday in Appledore - now we have sold our holiday home, I am beholden to borrow the in-laws which is a fab little place. You too can book it if I am not using it! http://www.ownersdirect.co.uk/england/E336.htm

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